YANA , which stands for “You Are Never Alone,” is a community resource center located in Rockaway Park, NY that opened in October 2012 - two weeks before Super-storm Sandy devastated the region. After Sandy, they reemerged as a relief hub - supplying the community with hot meals, supplies, medical and legal assistance, and volunteers to help with the clean up efforts throughout the peninsula. In addition, their mission is to help job-seekers develop their employability, to bring employment opportunities to the community with an emphasis on sustainable technologies, and to engage Rockaway in resident-led community improvement initiatives that are sustainable in all aspects of life.

The assignment to give YANA a branding system was given to everyone in my class, and my proposal was the one that the organization chose to use. The idea behind all the circles connected to the main one, is community. The centerpiece serves as a pillar for everyone and it helps each member to communicate or have contact through it as well. Besides having my work being used as their identity, I had the opportunity to exhibit this project at the MoMA PS1 in Rockaway, NY in June 2013.

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